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Automatic cutter sharpener
Automatic depth gauge sharpener
Automatic gullet sharpener
Chain pitch: ¼”, .325”, 3/8”, .404”   
Chain pitch: 3/8” Skip tooth        
Chain: 3/4”, .404”, Scratcherchain, (Holetec, Prinz, Do-Tech)  
Digital counter      
High / Low speed control  
Stepless speed control      
High / Low depth gauge speed control
Cutter sensor
Stand accessorie      
Neumatic tensioner (1 wheel) accessorie
Neumatic tension (2 wheel)
Converter/ PSU accessorie
Exhaust pipe accessorie accessorie accessorie
Air cooling accessorie accessorie accessorie
Led light accessorie accessorie accessorie

At Markusson we are specialists.

We focus on high quality, reliability and easy operation as we produce some of the best machines in the world, for grinding chains and sharpening sawblades.

The Markusson product line is built to meet the tough standards of forestry cutting and harvesting. The machines are easy to transport, mount and set up. Our grinders operate on both 12 and 230 volts which means they work perfectly in the workshop as well as out in the field.

The machines are fully adjustable in accordance with the size of the cutting link and the length of the sawchains. It takes only a few manual adjustments and then the grinder will operate all by itself. Thanks to a very efficient construction with few moving parts our grinding machines require a minimum of maintenance. On top of that there is no need for water cooling which further simplifies operation.

The Markusson Triplematic is unique in the marketplace in as much as it grinds all three surfaces of the cutting link in one movement. Additionally, it grinds the bottom which gives the chain more chipspace greately improving cutting quality in the felling operation.

Our grinders can cut up to 4 mm per tooth and can easily be adjusted to cut as is required, this without any color change of the cutting link (turning blue) or loss of the hardening quality.

On the digital counter you easily dial in the number of cutting links of the sawchain. Then you simply start the grinder and it will automatically stop when the selected number of cutting links are grinded and ready to use.

As a standard feature on the Markusson Triplematic you will today find our patented aircontrolled chaintensioner. It automatically stretches the chain to avoid unnecessary timeconsuming manual handling. The chain tensioner is also available as optional extra equipment to all grinders in the Markusson product line.

Markusson Professional Grinders have been supplying our customers firstclass grinders since 1987 and we are constantly developing and improving our product line in order to be able to offer the best grinding machines on the market.