Triplematic is our first automatic chain sharpener with the patented solution to sharpen both cutter teeth, bottom and depth gauge during the same cycle. With more chip space and a well-balanced distance between cutting tooth and raker, you have all the right conditions to get the maximum number of cubic meters per chain. Triplematic sharpens both chainsaw and harvester chains. Delivered in a rustic wooden crate with stand, air-operated chain tensioner and 115/230V converter.

  • Triplematic is powerful with many possible settings. Most movements and angles can be adjusted individually.

  • The depth-gauge setting is fully automatic, but can also be set manually for desired depth.

  • The counter stops automatically after last cutter is done.

  • Very high grinding capacity.

  • Simple to use and easy to adjust.

  • Grinding angle is easy to adjust between 0°-35°.

  • Power supply: 12V DC (car battery), or 115/230V AC with a converter (included).