• Fully automatic sharpening machine for 3/4″, 404, 0.325 and 3/8″ chains.
  • Counter as standard.
  • Individually adjustable speed setting to enable grinding a 3/4″ cutting link in one operation, without turning it blue.
  • Adjustable depth centering at the grinding head, easily set by a knob.
  • Very high grinding capacity.
  • Simple to use and easy to adjust.
  • Grinding angle is easy to adjust between 0°-35°. Enables easy grinding of, for example, sawmill machine chains and depth gauge.
  • Power supply: 12V DC (car battery), or 230V AC with a converter.

Grinding motor
Voltage: 12 Volt DC
Rotation speed: 2800 r/min
Peripheral speed: 22 m/s
Power: 90 Watt
Current: 7,5 A
Grinding wheel: 150x4x16 mm
Overcurrent protection: Automatic fuse, ptc type
Machine weight 15,9 kg (without stand)
Machine dimensions: L475mm x D140mm x H395mm (Without stand)
Stand dimensions: L400mm x D460mmm x H1070mm
Working voltage: Min 12 Volt DC, Max 15 Volt DC