Grindomatic V12

The Grindomatic V12 is the original that made its breakthrough in 2003 when rock sawn chains gave the harvester operator problems. With a design as simple as it is ingenious, it has never been easier to get small and large chains sharp with a few quick settings. All Markusson machines are designed so that components can be easily replaced if they wear out. Grindomatic is well used by hundreds of professional foresters and arborists worldwide.

  • Fully-automatic grindingmachine for sawchains.
  • Grinds all chains 1/4″ pitch to .404″.

  • Very large sawtooth felling, good to use for harvester chains that has sawed into stone.
  • Easy to use and adjust.
  • Grinding angle is easy to adjust between 0°-35° which makes it easy to grind “ripping-sawchains” and to do ”depth gauge grinding”.
  • Little and compact size L400xW350xH350
  • Power supply: 12V DC (car battery) or 230V AC with a converter.